Hello, I am Emylee! I am a full stack web developer with strong PHP skills. I love programming challenging and useful web applications for business and entertainment purposes. I work quickly and efficently while solving tough business-logic problems.

I can create a web ready development server in both Ubuntu & CentOS, with basic security measures. I carefully plan out all project requirements before any code is written to both fully understand business requirements and write efficient code. I am familiar with Agile (SCRUM) methodologies with a small team, both with technical and non technical members. My primary focus is Object Oriented PHP; however, I know other technologies, languages, and programs to make the best of whatever project I am working on. Some of the tools I use include CMSs (Concrete5, Wordpress, Joomla), PHP Frameworks (Symfony, Laravel), Javascript (jQuery, Angular), Databases (MySQL), Key-Value Store/Memory Storage (Redis, Elasticsearch), Photoshop, and much more.

When I'm not head deep into a tech project, I enjoy a lot of other hobbies! I love sewing, crafts, and drawing. I also love to play games - mostly MMOs. I take care of two aquariums and four silly chickens. I also like to spend some time outdoors at the beach or at rivers, and other fun activities to keep active.

Work & Education History

  • CityOf.com 2011 - present
    • Web Developer using PHP and related technologies
  • KIII TV 3 News 2010 - 2011
    • Internship, morning news production and video promotion editing for air
  • Del Mar College 2008 - 2010
    • Associates in Digital Media


Frontend Stack
  • HTML & CSS
    • I hand code all HTML & CSS. I use multiple CSS frameworks and organizational/templating tools such as Bootstrap, Basscss, Bulma, MDL, SASS, Twig, Assetic, and more.
  • Webpack
    • I optimize javascript, CSS, and other assets with Webpack to create the smallest possible website size for faster loading and SEO.
  • Javascript
    • I use Javascript to enhance the user experience and interaction of the frontend. I know several frameworks including jQuery, VueJS, Angular, and more.
  • Responsive Design & Site Optimization
    • Mobile friendly design, website speed and optimization, and SEO best practices.
  • Layout & Image Design
    • I use Photoshop to create images that compliment layout and design theories needed for a complete user experience. I can completely create a client's branding from logos, flyers, business cards, website, ecommerce, and beyond.
Backend Stack
  • PHP
    • Focusing almost exclusively in Object-Oriented approaches, I am knowledgable in many areas of PHP including Security, SPL Libraries, Image Manipulation, Large Data Processing, External API's, and more.
  • Elasticsearch
    • I am Elasticsearch certified, with strong knowledge on building search engines into your custom website using your data to serve what your customers are looking for.
  • MySQL & Redis
    • Experience with both relational and key-value databases. For Mysql PDO and Doctrine DQL, design, searching, sorting, relationships, cache, and more.
  • Apache & Nginx
    • Knowledge in Apache and Nginx, they are both good cantidates depending on the use-case.
  • Linux
    • CentOS is my go-to OS, but I also have experience with Ubuntu and debian based systems. Installing & managing packages, cron jobs, system resource monitoring and more.
Nice Things I Also Know
  • Filemaker
    • Integration of Filemaker PHP API with a functional PHP website.
  • Google APIs & Services
    • Google PageSpeed Module, Google Maps, Authentication, IMAP, YouTube, Analytics & more.
  • Love For Technology
    • Stacks just aren't complete without some love (and maybe some syrup and butter).